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Why is he she cheating on you

Is He She Cheating on You?

Are you in a relationship where he she is cheating on you? Well, do you why he she is cheating on you? Many factors could be accountable for a man or woman disrespecting his or her partner by cheating. He or she may be cheating even before saying “I do”. There are number facts that prove that adultery happens because of marriage breakups and abuse. So, it’s your top priority to be in the know to safe guard your relationship. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why he she is cheating on you.

He she is cheating on you because of No Sexual Intimacy

The majority of men and women live for sex and a lack of it happens to be one of the chief causes why marriage relationships take a turn for the worse. This lacking also accounts for one of the main reasons why he she is cheating on you. No marriage relationship is complete without physical intimacy as it is a major aspect of your relationship whether you are married or just co-habitating, this is why you should take the initiative and ensure that time is set aside for intimacy. This is very crucial to having a successful relationship with your partner. No matter how hectic your schedule is,you absolutely must allocate some time to spend with your partner.

He she is cheating on you because of boredom:
If you want to keep your relationships going on strong spice it up. Build fun events around your relationship. Have the type of relationship that no one wants to part away from. Boredom is one of the many reasons why he she is cheating on you. Most times couples break up because there’s nothing exciting going on in the relationship. They tend to believe that they can do so much better with someone else and before you know it he she is cheating on you. This behavior is prevalent among stay at home moms who are just stuck at home day after day. This is why you should plan activities where you two get to do things together like go shopping,go on a date,dancing,or a romantic rendezvous. Anything positive and exciting to make your partner feel special and wanted will prevent he she from cheating on you.

He she is cheating on you because of your career: A career is everything for some people but still they get hooked up. If you can’t commit,then it makes no sense getting involved with anyone. It’s best that you marry and romance your career instead of breaking some one’s heart. No one is going to “play second fiddle” to your career and this is yet another reason why he she is cheating on you.

You are so wrapped up in your career;that you hardly have time for your partner; who now feels taken for granted and looks for someone to fill the void. Before you know it he she is cheating on you because there’s that need which needs to be met. There’s no harm in taking your career seriously;just ensure that the happiness of your partner is foremost. And,that involves making him or her feel important and loved.

He she is cheating on you because of the past
There is a popular saying that “history repeats itself” and although people can change, if your significant other has a cheating past; chances are its likely to resurface. Some people who cheat just can’t help it; having one partner is not gratifying so for them cheating is alright and as a result he she cheats on you. So if you ever find yourself in such a situation where he she cheats on you, don’t give it a second thought,end the relationship and move on. “Old habits die hard” and if you continue in this relationship,you will be most miserable. So,if you’re aware that he she is cheating on you,protect yourself and ditch the relationship.

When you find out that he she is cheating on you don’t feel that its your fault;because most times,it may not be you. Some people are very difficult to please and no matter what you do,they are never satisfied. It’s like its never enough for him or her. So be strong and accepting of the fact that he she is cheating on you and decide your next move.

Cheating is the most common reason why relationship breakups are high. If you do not want he she cheating on you; then pay close attention to your partner giving him or her a relationship filled with excitement,and happy memories so that he she will think twice before cheating on you.

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