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Relationships Advice For All Breakup Couples Get Your Ex Back

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Relationships And You

Relationships come and go still some people manage to get their relationships back on track. If you are looking for relationships advice on getting your ex back continue to read relationships advice on getting your ex back after a break up.

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Relationships are not always easy but then again neither is breaking up. So now you know, after trying for some time, that getting the “love of your life” back isn’t just a walk in the park. Nevertheless, you’re not ready to throw in the towel and that, more likely than not, is what has led you here – your determination to get her back for good this time, and you ask yourself…

How to get your ex back?  What will it take?… What IS the “Magic” to win her back?  You may believe, like so many do, that magic is something mystical and beyond understanding or explanation. On the other hand, you might well be in the group that sees magic as simply trickery of the eye and swiftness of the hand, for which of course there is always a solution.

Regardless of your view of what is magic – whether something enchanting or a mystery to be solved – I assure you, winning back the love of your life has nothing to do or is in any way influenced by supernatural maneuverings or magic tricks.


We need to give merit to the magic in some words (the Zip… the Zap. & the Zoom), which without fail may help.

The Zip

A “must have” for long lasting relationships. Could this “Zip” be what lacks in your relationship lately? Has the bottom suddenly fallen out of what was once going along so incredibly swell?

Has the flame of love been slowly fading in recent months? Have you spent time together enjoying a romantic dinner out? Then, of course, the all mighty magic of “the touch” – Can you recall the last time you found each other irresistible and couldn’t keep your hands off one another.

How can I put the Zip back in after the fact?

The Zap

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You start by putting some Zip into your own life. Take a good hard look at yourself – not just a mirror look… A Real Look. Add some sparkle to your life, tidy-up your image a bit, add that needed boost to your confidence (gals love confident men). Revive the lively, energetic and active guy she once knew. Chances are that your actions will not go unnoticed, if not by design, you share a similar social circle – which will help drive her insane with curiosity.

Next, be aware of the shape you’re in – be sure to make it the best shape of your life. Can you shed a few pounds or add a little tone? No better time than now to get on with it. Treat yourself to nutritious meals and plenty of water. This is the “magic” you’ve been searching for. Next time you cross paths (and you will – thanks to that close-knit social network you share) you want her to see the healthy and happy “YOU” she “likely” still longs for.

Don’t hold back… go ahead and do a little pining (you know – some yearning, longing, and what the heck, while you’re at it, show some regret – what can it hurt?). And just how much pining am I willing to do, you ask? Well, “this is where you need to get down to where the rubber meets the road”. In order to regain her love, you have to first regain her trust. She expects it and it will only make her the more curious to want to know why you’re feeling and looking so good – better than ever.

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The Zoom

This is definitely Not the time to cave-in to grieving over her – instead promise yourself that you will live your best life with or without her. Don’t think of it as moving on with your life or giving up hope of getting her back. This is how you will show her that you don’t NEED her – while she, on the other hand, is, more and more, realizing just how much she needs you and can’t live without you.

Understand and acknowledge that relationships are not always easy but then again neither is breaking up. Open her eyes to the fact that you are making it without her and you’ll build the stepping stone to a healthy renewed relationships. Chances are in your favor that she will make the first move – leaving you with the simple task (the icing on the cake so-to-speak) of convincing her that rekindling the relationship was all her idea: That, my friend, is where the true “magic” lies.

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