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How does it work to have 2 maid of honors and a matron of honor?

I have 2 bestfriends who are so dear to me…they would take the clothes off their back for me. 1 is married & 1 is single…& i also have a younger sister who of course is my blood & i love to death. My sistuation is I want 2 maid of honors which would be my single best friend & my sis & then a matron of honor who is my married best friend. How does that work when it comes to the grooms side? Should he have 3 best man? plus the groomsmen with the bridesmaid i am so confused…is this just too much & too silly? I know it sounds ridiculous but has anyone been in this situation? My family sees it right for my sister to be the maid of honor & then just have my married best friend to be the matron of honor…but the truth is my single friend is the one who has really been there through all of it, throught the breakups & makeups of all my relationships. My married best friend lives states away so we just talk by phone here & there but i always know she has my back..she got married in court
I would rather my sister as a bridesmaids rather than my maid of i am still in a bad situation..because it would upset everyone if my sister was a bridesmaid and i would feel bad
so far i like the way missygold is thinking

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