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I’m trying to gain some insight into the following situation.
Most marriages are based on love and trust. But what if one’s partner loses interest in remaining married and proceeds in a cold and calculating fashion to dissolve the marriage?

I got a call from my best friend. He had a sad tale to tell. He was dumbfounded as to the reason but his wife of 12 years had returned from hospital one day and broken the bad news to him:"I’m leaving you today". The words were like a dagger in his side. "Why?", he asked in total shock and disbelief. "I don’t love you anymore", she told him. Now before u go thinking this is an extract from a Mills and Boone novel, let me assure you this was a real life event. There were 2 children involved and my friends were both under 35 yrs old. All the years I had visited that family I had never seen the cracks forming, never suspected anything was amiss. Surprisingly, I subsequently discovered a few more cases of women, ‘falling out of love’ and then secretly preparing for the opportune moment to drop the bombshell. The husbands had no inkling of their spouses duplicity. Meanwhile the wives visited lawyers in secret for advice on how to leave the marriage with the maximum advantage to themselves! In the case I mentioned the estranged wife left home and hooked up with another man soon after.

The questions I am asking is why does a woman behave in this fashion and how does a man see it coming? Are you aware of a similar case as the one outlined?

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