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Get your ex back: Tips to help you get your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back is currently circulating the internet, however the majority of these tips are not always sound as they usually state that he or she will take your call when you phone him or her and, there’s no guarantee that this will happen as she or him already does not want to see you; so here’s what you should do.

get your ex back

Write a love letter

Don’t call on the phone, send email, nor make contact through instant messaging; instead send her a letter in your own hand writing. This may be an old fashioned way for trying to get your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back, but it works as there are very few women who will not open a handwritten note. A hand written letter has great advantages as it gives you the opportunity to express yourself as you pour out your heart on paper.

love letters

While it is best to put everything in your own words, if you really feel like you don’t know what to say, get a female friend to help you or swipe a few ideas (ideas, not whole sentences) from examples online. Remember, the look of the letter is nearly as important as the words. Write your letter on fancy stationary, stick it in a matching envelope, seal it with real sealing wax and send it off.

Don’t Make Her Jealous
Let her know that you are available. Don’t make the mistake of trying to make her jealous by pretending to be dating someone
else because that can easily backfire. If she starts missing you and finds out that you have moved on with somebody else, it will be easy for her to assume that you no longer have feelings for her thereby closing the door to any chance of you getting back together. So, make sure you let her that you are still available

Spend Time Working On Your Self

Being available doesn’t mean staying home waiting for her to call. Don’t waste time looking for a new girlfriend. You need to grow and heal. The best way to do this,is to make an investment in yourself. Learn something new and improve on your ways and habits.

Maybe you need to work on something that caused on your relationship breakup in the first place. So taking time off to examine your self and what improvements you can make to be a much better person will help you greatly as it will boost your confidence and earn you great respect from your ex who will see that are able to manage and that you are truly a good person. So, learn a new skill or take on a new hobby.

Get your ex back:Take It Slow

When you do get a chance to talk to her again, keep the mood upbeat. Don’t start apologizing for everything you ever did wrong, begging her to meet with you, or arguing over what caused the breakup. After all, would you look forward to meeting someone who is obviously an emotional wreck? Instead, give her an indication that seeing you again will be fun and won’t involve any bickering or groveling.

If at all possible, make her laugh. You’ll get her to let her guard down and take away the bad taste from the break up.If you really want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back even when she won’t return your phone calls, rest assured that it can be done.

Convey to mutual friends of your feelings so that they will let her know you’re available but, fo not waste time grieving. Send another letter to keep the lines open. Beyond that, be careful where you get your advice on how to get your girlfriend back because some of them can really backfire on you.

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