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Stopping Divorce To Save Your Marriage

How Can I Stop My Marriage From Divorce?

You’ve invested so much in this relationship and have taken your vows seriously; doing all you possibly can to stop divorce and save your marriage. But, when difficult times arise and you are headed into split-ville, you ask the question, how can I stop this divorce and save my marriage? Please realize that there is no simple solution here; as there are two people involved, no two people are the same, and every marriage is different. However, examining faux pas made and learning from them will better equip one to figure out what needs to be done to stop divorce, win back lost love and save your marriage.


You may be familiar with the old adage,”talk is cheap”. People have a tendency to say things to reassure themselves and others.Most times what they say does not equate with their actions. A very common mistake many people make is in the area of promises. They make promises they can’t keep. For example, they always say, they will do better or things will change but, they resort back to their same bad behavior. In their times of desperation,they say things to get back into good graces of the other person involved. Regardless of how sound excuses may appear to be, just saying,”I will change” is no way to stop divorce and save a your marriage.

Since actions speak louder than words, it would be best to stop uttering words and start putting your words to actions. You will find in in the end that less talking more doing works just fine. Just saying that you will change will not convince nor lay anyone’s fears to rest. Look at yourself and say nothing. Instead of saying that you have changed, let your actions do the talking and let others be the Judge. You need to be strong and be totally committed to mending your relationship by doing what is necessary to stop divorce and save your marriage.

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Using the tactic of emotional blackmail is another bad mistake that many people make. Its easy to say, “I love you”, but saying it and meaning it are two different things. These words have depth. And, when said during a time like this,it comes across as an attack when a person is most vulnerable. “I love you” are serious words that should not be toyed with.

Don’t say I love you? How do I let it be known that I love my partner if saying I love you is out of the question? How do I stop my relationship from the brink of divorce if I can’t say I love you? It may sound ridiculous but I love you should not be said when your partner is in a weak emotional state. These words should be reserved for when the relationship is out of the woods

Arguing rarely solves anything and it does not help but makes any situation worse. Some people tend to believe that arguing will help the other person to see their hypocrisy and that will stop divorce; but, they are mistaken. Such tactics like playing the guilt strip to win someone over and use of reasoning to achieve a change of mind rarely works, because you are trying to prove and convince your partner that you are right, while trying to convey that, they are the one at fault and you are right. But, you are destined for failure, as you will only succeed in pushing them farther and farther away and your goal of stopping your divorce to save your marriage will never be accomplished.

You sincerely want to stop your divorce and save your marriage? Then its simple. Don’t argue! Don’t start an argument neither join one. Only idiots argue and nothing gets resolved. Arguing just adds to the situation. Some people think that arguing can repair the situation and stop the divorce. Once you acknowledge that there’s no need to compete and dismiss the need to win,the cause of your problems will surface and you will be able to deal with it successfully.

The key to keeping love alive and keeping your marriage intact is to quit being your own worst enemy. You can achieve this by not being an attacker, by showing love through actions, and by implementing change. Positive change will only come when steps are taken to bring about change. But,you have to stay strong. You must act and solve your problem with actions because words alone will not heal nor prevent marriage breakup . You need to take action and save your marriage


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  2. I think today too many couple get divorced. i wish everyone would try to stay together and not break up so fast, because they sweared in front of god that they will be together forever…

  3. It is real easy to end the marriage. A marriage takes work. One does not think enough of the other person to put forth the effort, there is a problem. This can be resolved. You have spent how many years with your spouse? Who knows this person better than you.
    An argument will lead to pushing each others buttons. You have to be both willing to work at it to keep it.

  4. I do think this article can help a lot of people who are in search of methods to save their marriage and to stop divorce. Just have been mentioned in the article, I agree that the first thing is to avoid argument since this will do nothing but harm your relationship. And quit being your own worst enemy is also very important. What you should do is to devote your true love and real action to your marriage and your spouse would realize this sooner or later.

  5. I think today too many couple get divorced.

  6. There are steps you can take to stop your divorce and possibly save your marriage. Your marriage doesn’t have to fail – you can do something, but you do have to have a plan. Broken down to it’s simplest form, your plan should be:

    * Find the problem;
    * Fix the problem;
    * Remember the good times;
    * Start Over.

    As the article says, you need to take action. Start talking – really talking with, not over or at, your partner. There are systems and processes that can help you fix what is broken in your relationship, but you need to be willing to use them.

    • Great insight Chris. People who are truly serious about salvaging their marriage can’t afford to be passive and your plan of action is a great one .

  7. I think you are providing valuable tips and strategies for struggling couples. keep it up.

  8. A very nice post, thanks for sharing this articles

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